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Sports Related Care @ Normal

Dr Malone is well versed in the conditions and injuries that athletes are prone to and he offers cutting edge care for athletes. Put your care in the hands of a fellow athlete.

  • Spinal manipulative therapy

  • Dry needling

  • Electrical muscle stimulation

  • Custom, sport specific therapeutic exercise & rehab

  • Muscle work & Soft-Tissue therapy

  • Gait analysis

  • ​Functional assessments

Dr Malone at Ironman Waco TX

Erik Malone, D.C.

Dr Malone grew up playing soccer competitively up to the college level when he began his career in radiology that would eventually lead to a career in chiropractic. All the personal experience in team and individual sports aside, he spent 6 weeks working with Rice University Athletics (Football, Baseball, Soccer, Track, Tennis, Volleyball) to keep their athletes performing at their best. During chiropractic college at TCC he took a particular interest in rehabilitative exercise. Which is focused exercise programs to correct or prevent disease processes. He is very well versed in the weight room, plyometrics, body weight exercise, yoga and cross training to scratch the surface.

​Whether you need help coming back from a sports related injury, need help getting started with a new fitness routine, or want to perform at your best, Dr Malone has the know-how and personal experience to set you on the right track and guide you through the process.

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Dr Malone finishing the Fresh 15k

Local Partnerships

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Dr Malone's Track Record

  • Triathlon

    • Ironman (Texas 2014)

    • Half Ironman (Texas 2015, Texas 2016, Raleigh 2017, Texas 2018, Waco 2019)

    • Olympic Triathlon (Galveston 5i50 2015, Cypress 2015)

    • Sprint Triathlon (RCT 2016, RCT 2017, RCT 2018)

  • Running

    • Marathon (IM Texas 2014)

    • Half Marathon (Katy 2015 1:35:00, Tyler 2018 1:29:00)

    • 15k (Fresh 2017 1:14:04, Fresh 2018 1:05:14, Fresh 2019 1:03:00, Fresh 2020 59:40)

    • 10k (Azalea 2017, Azalea 2018, Azalea 2019)

    • 5k (Lots of these... Kettle Krush & Turkey Trot locally)

  • Cycling

    • 100mi​ (HHH a lot of times)

    • 100k (There have been so many but I really love our local Beauty and the Beast Tour hosted by the TBC)

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