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Third Party Services

We understand that health & wellness is best achieved with a holistic (or whole person) approach. Which is why we are partnering with some of the best local organizations and professionals to help our patients succeed in all their goals.

Local Partnerships

Performance Coaching

Coach William Ritter & Fly Tri Racing

William and his coaches provide Swim, Bike, & Run coaching from beginner to elite level athletes.

Check them out @

Prof. RJ Cowan & Run Tyler

Run Tyler provides 1-on-1 coaching, Nutrition, & Yoga.

Check them out @

Fresh Produce

Jayden Chapman is a Registered Dietician offering personalized nutritional counseling designed to support you as you strive for optimal wellness, helping you reach your goals while building a healthy, enjoyable relationship with food.

Get in touch @

or give him a call at (903) 224-4798

Personal Training

We are looking for some motivated personal trainers to feature here. Is that you? Contact us.

Mental Health

We are looking for some counselors & mental health professionals that can provide valuable services to our patients. Interested? Contact us.

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