At Normal, Massage Therapy is a clinical tool. Barring a strained muscle, the vast majority of myofascial symptoms arise from a deeper dysfunction or disease process. Our Therapists all work with the Chiropractor on a regular basis and are trained to recognize imbalances, postural dysfunctions and even problems with deeper structures such as disc and nerve issues. All of our massage therapists work hard to make your massage experience as positive as it is effective.

Back Massage

Clinical Massage Therapy Services

Normal is a Health & Wellness clinic and our Massage Therapists are clinical grade. A Massage Therapist will work with you hands-on during just about any appointment at the clinic and every step along the way.

Are you a Massage Therapist?

We are looking for a second LMT. More specifically, we are looking for someone to join the team and help our clinical massage therapy offerings grow and flourish. If you think you might be a good fit, come by the clinic and introduce yourself.



What to Expect

If you are thinking about a massage, you probably have a good reason for considering it. It is quite true that massage has a variety of benefits and it is likely that it will be beneficial to you as well. However, it is important that you receive the best type of massage and specific bodywork for your unique needs. With that said, there are many techniques or types of massage and the therapist will work with you to select the techniques best suited to you and your specific conditions.


Our therapists are experienced and highly trained which makes them an easy choice to work with. A lot of what we treat here at the clinic is not just sore muscles or tight shoulders. We take a closer look at you and your condition to pinpoint the cause and work from there. Most conditions will require a commitment over time but the results speak for themselves. 

Medical Massage & Manual Therapy

Medical massage incorporates prescription strength manual therapy which is a form of bodywork intent on addressing problems in the musculoskeletal system as efficiently as possible. Almost all of the Chiropractic services at the clinic include some form of manual therapy. It may only be performed under the supervision of a licensed Physician, Chiropractor, or Physical Therapist

Techniques include:

> Active/Passive myofascial release techniques

> Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

> PNF stretching

Much more...

Other Techniques

Experience the benefits of traditional cupping! While most manual techniques involve compressing the tissues of the body, cupping works in the opposite manner. Negative pressure is used to lift the tissues away from the body, promoting blood flow and tissue regeneration.